Aims of ICMDA

The Vision, Mission, Objective & Aims of the Association


“A Christian witness through doctors and dentists in every community in every nation”


Mission: The ICMDA exists to start and strengthen Christian national medical and dental movements through: CALLING, EQUIPPING, FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE


The Association is established by this Constitution to serve as a means of interchange of views and as a means of co‑ordinating joint action among National Christian Medical and Dental Associations or their equivalents.


The aims of the Association to be carried out internationally, regionally and nationally shall be:

  • to provide National Christian Medical and Dental Organisations with a regular means of exchange of views, information and experiences in the fields of medicine and dentistry, particularly where these concern Christian faith and ethics;
  • to promote, and establish bonds of fellowship, friendship and co-operation amongst Christian medical and dental men and women throughout the world
  • to examine and test changes in medical and dental thought and action by the principles of the Basis of Membership;
  • to disseminate information concerning and to promote discussions of, problems which arise for Christians practising medicine and dentistry
  • to support the special needs and activities of medical and dental students and junior graduates, thereby emphasising the value of their influence
  • to promote, encourage and support the work of Christian medical and dental missions throughout the world.