Job Vacancy for a psychiatrist to work at a US Military Base in D.C  - Board Certified Psychiatrist_job description


Job vacancy for Nurse on board Logos Hope:

Start Date February 2018

Commitment 1-2 years

What’s the general purpose of the role?

Provides on board medical care and treatment for crew & guests under the direction of the ship’s physician.

What are the requirements (skills/competences) for this role?

·         You have previous work experience in a Hospital or Doctor’s practice

You have studied/completed an apprenticeship in…

·         Nursing

·         You are willing to practice communication with people & Doctors

·         Be part of the Emergency duty

·         You are proactive and you like to organize yourself and work independently

Questions in regards to the job can be directed to Doctor.LogosHope@gbaships.org.

An application form can be filled in and send directly to the head office under http://www.omships.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=438&Itemid=190&lang=en

Dr. Silke Arthasana
Medical Officer
Logos Hope

Headquarters Office
Alte Neckarelzer Str. 2
74821 Mosbach, Germany


Email: Doctor.LogosHope@gbaships.org

Tel (US): +1 954 518 7256
Tel (UK): +44 1228 815 299

Direct Phone: 9231

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CEO Job Opening

International Christian Medical and Dental Association

An introduction about ICMDA

The International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA] is a global movement uniting national Christian medical and dental organisations around the world.

All began in 1963 with the ‘International Congress of Christian Physicians’, and then the movement expanded rapidly, changing its name in 1986 to the International Christian Medical and Dental Association. Today it unites around 75 national movements reaching out to Christian medical and dental students and graduates around the globe.

ICMDA seeks to encourage and equip Christian Medical and Dental Students and Graduates to grow to Christian maturity and live out their faith within their clinical practice and beyond.

Christians in medicine and dentistry take their inspiration from Christ, the Great Physician. The example of Jesus in humility washing his disciples’ feet and wiping them with the towel wrapped around his waist is reflected in our logo.

‘I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you’ reminds all Christian doctors and dentists that ‘no servant is greater than his master’ John 13:15-16

Website – www.icmda.net

Name of the position for which applications are being solicited:

Chief Executive Officer

International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA)

Currently the International office is in Vellore, India and can be relocated as per the need and in discussion with the Board.


Appointing authority: The Board of ICMDA

The CEO is appointed by the Board of ICMDA that consists of members from different regions of the world. The Current Chairman is Dr. Elmer Thiessen from Canada. The CEO is accountable for performance and management to the Board.


This is a full time position and alternative employment is not permissible.

The Role/functions are:

Responsible for sharing and furthering the vision and mission of ICMDA by serving the member national associations to help them fulfill their national mission and vision and to facilitate the establishment of new member bodies.

  1. Currently ICMDA has 75 member countries.
  2. Assist the member nations in each region to establish and develop the regional management structures and foster work through it.
  3. Implement policies of ICMDA.
  4. Line management of staff team including the Student Junior Graduate Executive Officer (SJGEO), Regional Secretaries, and administrative personnel
  5. Assist SJGEO (and/or the Associate SJGEO’s) in making appointments of student leaders
  6. Provide financial accountability and management: preparing budgets, managing subscriptions and overseeing expenditure.
  7. Establish strategic partnerships that further the mission and vision of ICMDA.
  8. Strengthen and maintain a Christian ethos and values in the organization in accordance with the ICMDA doctrinal basis.
  9. Serve as Ex Officio member of all committees established by the Board and all regional and project committees.
  10. Generate new opportunities for furthering the mission and vision of ICMDA.
  11. Oversee day-to-day operations and decisions.
  12. Attend annual board meetings of the ICMDA and of the ICMDA UK Trust meeting as well, and participate in video conference executive meetings- approximately 6-8 per year.
  13. Respond to identified needs of Regional Secretaries and regions.
  14. Participate in regional meetings/conferences/ language group meetings where possible and through this and in other ways maintain dynamic contact with regional leaders.
  15. Oversee the planning of the World Congress every 4 years
  16. Other responsibilities as necessary to fulfill the mission and vision

Selection Criteria:


ü  A mature disciple of Jesus Christ

ü  Demonstrated Christian leader

ü  A senior health professional

ü  Experience in organizational governance and management as a CEO or senior leader for about 10 years

ü  English fluency; helpful if multilingual e.g., French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Arabic

ü  Ability and skill in training and mentoring Christian medical leaders

ü  Some international experience in networking, speaking and partnerships.

ü  Health and aptitude should permit travel- perhaps 10 days a month.

ü  History of managing health related projects and raising funds


ü  A qualified and reputed medical practitioner or dentist

ü  Some experience with medical missionary work/mission hospital experience

ü  Skill in communicating

Term of the CEO

The term of the CEO is 4 years at a time with a mid-term evaluation. The Board may extend this for another term. The employment relationship continues as long as both parties are supportive of the relationship. However, we ask candidates to apply only if they are willing to consider 4 or more years of service.

The Chairman of ICMDA will provide the appointment order and discuss the terms of appointment.

The ICMDA office currently is located in Vellore, India and can be shifted to another location in discussion with the executive of the Board.


Negotiable depending on need and the economy of the country in which the CEO is resident. The remuneration will be decided by the Chairman in consultation with appropriate people and the candidate.

Application process

Interested applicants may apply as follows:

  • A one page bio-data/passport size photograph
  • Two letters of commendation from any of the following: A leader of the National CMF, a leader in ICMDA, OR a senior pastor well known to the candidate.
  • A short write up on “Why I want the CEO position” and “What skills do I bring”
  • Personal testimony of their Christian journey.  (No more than a page.)
  • Send all of this electronically to the Convenor, nomination committee at the following e-mail: new-ceo-icmda@gmail.com

DEADLINE FOR THE ABOVE:  December 20th 2017.


  • Jan to December 20TH 2017.Receive all the applications in the email address.
  • January 2018 to April 2018-Skype interviews of the short listed candidates by the search/nomination committee.
  • May 2018-Search/Nomination committee further short lists to 3-4 after interview.
  • June 2018-Interviews the short listed candidates.
  • June 2018- Results presented to the Board and candidate selected. Appointment order to be given and remuneration fixed.
  • August 2018- Announced in the August World congress in Hyderabad.
  • Orientation of candidate after the World congress in Vellore in ICMDA office
  • September 2018 to January end 2019-Overlap with a couple of executive meetings.
  • Complete take over 1st February 2019.