Esther Frei

Esther Frei, medical student graduating in 2012.

Student & Junior Regional Representative for Western Europe, ICMDA. Discovering the fact that culture, skin color, language differences, place and time lose their importance and become a small detail when Christians from all over the world meet to follow God’s calling in Medicine, touched me time after time during ICMDA-conferences.

When we work in areas mainly secular, with prayer and time, it is clearly felt, how step by step, God opens doors which we never even expect. He is the One leading the real battle; we are just tools for the glory of His name. We count on His leadership and pray for wisdom, strength and faith.

To create balance between faith and professional life in Medicine these days is a crucial issue. What comes next is the will to share those beliefs with close people and stand up for Christian values in today’s changing world.

This is my priority in life and ICMDA offers me the field where I can do that in an enjoyable way!