Herng-Der Chern

Herng-Der Chern received his MD degree from National Taiwan University in 1983, completed his residence training in gastroenterology in 1990 and PhD in pharmacology from University of Pittsburgh, 1994.
In the last 21 years, he has worked in Taiwan’s Center for Drug Evaluation, first as Chief Executive Director and now as Distinguished Research Fellow, to support the Taiwan government in regulating new drug clinical trials, marketing approval, related international affairs for regulatory convergence and National Health Insurance pricing and reimbursement. Dr Chern was the president of the Taiwan Christian Medical Association (TCMA) in 2014-2018, ICMDA Regional Secretary of East Asia region in 2011-2019, and ICMDA international board member since 2018.
His wife, Hsiu-Wen Chen, is a faculty of Church Music in the Taiwan Presbyterian Theological College. They have 2 children, Joyce (married) and Jason, a senior software engineer in San Francisco and an USC graduate practicing dentist in Texas.
His dream is to see ‘international partnership in medical mission via the ICMDA platform’.