Daniela Groza

My actual name is Daniela Groza (Dana in short for Daniela in Romanian, so I use it for family and friends).

As I wrote above, I am a Romanian doctor, married to a wonderful, godly Romanian IT-consultant currently living and working in Zürich, Switzerland. We moved here shortly after our wedding, in 2011, due to my husband’s job situation.

I am a Pediatric GP, now doing the bridging to internal medicine and in the future planning to return to family practice.

I have been involved with the ICMDA for many years now, having been the Area Student Representative for the Balkans from 2006-2013. During these years, I have met and connected with wonderful, God-loving people, who had a huge influence on my life. The way I practice medicine today has been hugely influenced by Christian doctors, from national and international settings, and I praise our Lord for the time and people in ICMDA