Students and Junior Graduates

Student & junior ministry remains a key priority for the ICMDA and its member movements. Across the world Regional & Area Representatives encourage the developing work among medical and dental students and junior graduates.
In recent years the Student and Junior Graduates Executive Officer and team has sought to catalyse growth among students and junior graduates supporting the work of the national movements, providing leadership training and running student and juniors pre-conferences at ICMDA regional and world conferences.

Leadership training prepares and equips the next generation of Christian leaders in medicine and dentistry as well as connecting them to each other.

Following leadership training for students and junior graduates in Central Europe one student felt called to restart a group for Christian students at his medical school. At the time he knew just 4 other Christians out of 4000 students at his medical school. Three years later regular meetings where 15 to 20 students gather to encourage each other and reach out to their fellow students continue.