The Masters in Family Medicine course …

  • Delivers strong base in Family medicine principles

    Including patient centeredness, comprehensive, whole person care

  • Updates and widens clinical knowledge and skills with a Family Medicine based focus

    With improved ability to diagnose and treat common illness at the undifferentiated stage with minimal essential investigations

    With Improved ability to include all age group and offer cost effective patient care

  • Orients the graduate to algorithmic approach to illness/disease

    With awareness of evidence based protocols for management

  • Strengthens bioethics and values
  • Encourages collegial networking

    Enhancing ability to coordinate and ensure continuum of patient care

  • Develops awareness of existing health promotional activities and encourage active participation
  • Motivates to improvise and solve problems in resource poor settings
  • Enthuses competent medical record keeping and data management
  • Develops health educators who can communicate and train team and community members