Via the ICMDA (UK) Trust account

The ICMDA (UK) Trust in the UK is able to accept financial donations for any aspect of ICMDA’s work. If you are making a gift for a specific region or purpose, please specify this when sending your gift.

Gifts to the ICMDA (UK) trust can be made online by clicking

The UK Trust account details are below:
Account Name:  ICMDA (UK) Trust
Bank Details:  HSBC Bank plc,
96 High Street, Kings Heath,
B14 7LD, UK.
Sort Code:  40 11 15
Account Number:  81810642
IBAN:  GB76MIDL40111581810642

A cheque, with a specified amount can be written in the name of ICMDA (UK) Trust. Please send it to the following address:

Liz Mander,
Finance Administrator,
ICMDA (UK) Trust,
Finance Office,
84 Grange Road,
Kings Heath,
B14 7RJ
+44 (0)121 444 5117

Please inform Mrs. Liz Mander if the gift is specified for a particular area of ICMDA’s work by email. Please attach an appropriate banking reference (scanned if possible) or cheque/reference numbers as it makes it easier to track the transfer.
Please send a copy of your mail to
Please note the trust can only acknowledge your gift and provide a receipt for your giving records if they have your contact details. The secretary of the UK trust, Dr Mark
Pickering can be contacted at
Gifts from UK tax payers are eligible for gift aid where the donor has completed a gift
aid declaration.