Work a day for ICMDA

Those participating in ‘Work a Day for ICMDA’ are invited to support the work of ICMDA
with a focus on the regions through prayer and by giving the equivalent of one day’s
salary for the work of the ICMDA. Those not receiving a salary including students are also encouraged to participate in giving what they feel able to.

The closest working day before St Luke’s day, (Healthcare Sunday in some countries) has been chosen as ‘Work a day for ICMDA – Day’. Those unable to participate on this day may select another day to ‘Work a Day for ICMDA’. Healthcare Sunday is held on the Sunday closest to the 18th October, the day traditionally known as St Luke’s Day and is an initiative ICMDA strongly support.
In adopting ‘Work a day for ICMDA’ as a means of supporting the work of ICMDA in the regions we recognise this encourages the same proportion of giving
from all those who choose to support the work of ICMDA around the world. Monies given through this initiative will be directed to the valuable work of the ICMDA
undertaken within the regions. This includes the ongoing encouragement and support
given by our team of Regional Secretaries and Area Student Representatives alongside
the support of regional activities such as student leadership training and regional conferences.

The past years have seen growth across the regions of ICMDA with increased regional
activity and expenditure. Support of the ICMDA Development Fund which supports
the regional work of ICMDA depends upon the freewill giving of member movements and

Those who plan to participate with others around the world in this initiative are invited to sign-up using the form provided online which will then ensure that relevant prayer and giving information can be sent to you.

Gifts for ICMDA made as part of the Work a Day initiative may be given through the following means: The ICMDA (UK) Trust in the UK is able to accept financial donations for any aspect of ICMDA’s work. If you are making a gift as part of Work a Day for a specific region please specify this when sending your gift.

Gifts to the ICMDA (UK) trust can be: made online via the charity choice site, sent by cheque to the
financial administrator, Liz Mander (address available on request); or transferred
through online banking using the UK trust’s account details. When
using the first and last option please also inform Mrs Mander and mark a copy to

If the gift is specified for a particular area of ICMDA’s work either by email or by an
appropriate online banking reference when setting up the transfer. Please note the trust
can only acknowledge your gift and provide a receipt for your giving records if they have your contact details. The secretary of the UK trust, Dr Mark Pickering can be contacted at
ICMDA (UK) Trust
Account Name : ICMDA (UK) Trust

Bank Details :
HSBC Bank plc,
96 High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham,
B14 7LD, UK.
Sort Code : 40 11 15
Account Number : 81810642
IBAN : GB76MIDL40111581810642
Gifts from UK tax payers are eligible for gift aid where the donor has completed a gift aid