Central America

Reyna Duron

Full members Costa Rica(AMC), El Salvador(AMC), Guatemala(AMDC),Panama(AMOCPA),Venuzuela(SMOCEV), Mexico(SMC), Honduras (AMCH), Haiti (CMNA)

Contact Groups   Jamaica.

Regional Secretary – Dr. Reyna Durón

Email – reynaduron2002@yahoo.com

Country – Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Reyna Durón is a neurologist, epileptologist, university professor and a physician scientist trained in her home country and in the U.S. She was the president of the Honduras Christian Medical Association, and recently, she has been appointed as the ICMDA Regional Secretary of Central América. She is single, following Jesus Christ since she was a teenager. She has been involved with the Christian medical movement in Honduras Sincé her undergraduate years, focused on Christian discipleship and the promotion of the study and application of bioethics and Christian ethics to medical life. She devotes part of her time to research in the field of Neurogenetics and neuroepidemiology, as well as the promotion of biblical teaching and the application of those principles to the personal and national life.