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Republic of South Korea

Regional Secretary – Dr. Han-Sanghwan

Email,  hl1tdo@hanmail.net, . han950403@gmail.com

Han sanghwan, (dentist) is the chairman of the Seoul Christian Medical Association. He was a missionary in Mongolia 1993 to 2017 and founder of EVADA dental mission hospital in Mongolia, Ulaan Baar Capital city.  First two years he lived in Mongolia and then managed the mission hospital during 25years as a nonresidential missionary.  As a result, more than one hundred workers including Mongolian doctors and nurses had the opportunity to work together for 25years.

7 churches were built in local provinces by medical mobile services and Bible teachings.  In 2016 the EVADA dental hospital was transferred to Mongolian Christian doctors. With 25years of mission hospital experiences, he made EVADA Medical Mission team.  In 2017, the team had founded new EVADA dental mission hospital in Africa, Malawi, Lilongwe capital city. He made collaboration with former transferred Mongol EVADA mission hospital members. Mongolian EVADA hospital doctors are cooperating with Korean for financial and manpower resources which is one of good new mission model.

The first time he had attended ICCP meeting (former ICMDA) in Swiss land, Davos in 1998 as a dental student 40 years ago. He had met there some medical missionaries and had a dream to be a missionary and he became missionary later, and still participating in African Malawi EFATA medical mission hospital. (Different pronunciation of EVADA).

He has two married daughters and one son and one grandson. Also, one son in law is a medical doctor, the other son in law is a dentist.

He is elder of  Eusun presbyterian church in Korea.

He is practicing dentistry near church.

His dream is to hold ICMDA GENERAL meeting of 2026 year in Korea. Seoul.