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Sudan -22nd August to 27th August 2011 – A report from the CEO

The ICMDA team that visited South Sudan consisted of 5 people.

  • Dr Anil Cherian, a consultant pediatrician and a public health specialist
  • Dr Sara Bhattacharji, Professor of Community Medicine
  • Dr Dana Groza and Adrian Groza, both Romanians and
  • Dr Vinod Shah

All of us met in Nairobi on the morning of the 22nd and got our visas kindly obtained from the Embassy of South Sudan by Dr Vinay Samuel. He also joined us in Nairobi. As soon as we landed Dr Alex Bolek, the Secretary of CMF Sudan (joint Sudan) met us and ushered our papers through the immigration. Our accommodation was arranged at the Hotel Shalom, very close to the airport and not far from the ministry of health.

We met with the following people in the course of the next 4 days:

The Director for Human resource for health Dr Margaret and her team of 3 others.
The Director of Coordination, Ministry of Health
The His Excellency the Health Minister on two occasions- before starting and then
on the final day.
His Grace, the Archbishop of Sudan of the Anglican Church.
The Health Minister of Jonglien State

We visited the following:
• Juba teaching facility
• Bor State hospital- 200 kms away. (Chartered plane arranged by the Health minister)
• Church run dispensary which had closed

The outcome was the following:
ICMDA has been offered and invited to train 50 Clinical Officers each year that would have the capability to address the S Sudanese health problems effectively; however since the change in the health ministry, we have to still pursue this to make sure the offer still stands.

-Vinod Shah


ICMDA Health Initiatives South Sudan

The ICMDA Health Initiatives was established two years ago when ICMDA decided to support the new republic of South Sudan to strengthen their health system by  training Medical personnel for South Sudan.

One of the primary reasons for the extremely poor health status of people of South Sudan is the severe shortage of health personnel.  In response, ICMDA has established a National Training Institute called the ICMDA National Institute of Health Sciences Jonglei which was notified in October 2013.

Due to the civil war in South Sudan, the Institute has been temporarily relocated to Kampala, Uganda and has become operational since June 1st 2014.  We have received 51 students [31 men and 20 women] this year: 20 – Diploma in Medicine & Public Health (Clinical Officers), 16 – Diploma in Registered Community Health Nursing, and 15 – Diploma in Registered Midwifery.  All the midwifery students are women.

ICMDA Health Initiatives is partnering with the Mengo Hospital which is the largest Mission Hospital in Kampala and also the first modern hospital in East Africa. The students are accommodated in houses near the Mengo Hospital which houses the classrooms.

Dr. Anil Cherian


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