In 2013 ICMDA will mark 50 years since its beginnings in the First International Congress for Christian Physicians held from the 15 to 18 July 1963 in the Netherlands. The next World Congress of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association in 2014 also in the Netherlands will as part of the congress celebrate the 50 year anniversary. As ICMDA passes this milestone in 2013 it is a good opportunity to reflect on all that God has done in and through the ICMDA and its member organisations.
Through launching a celebration web page on www.work-files.com/icmda/wp on the 15 July 2013 ICMDA will start a year of celebration to culminate in the 2014 World Congress. To collect reflections, testimonies, stories, audio/video and photos from those who have been part of ICMDA in the past 50 years, there is an email address celebration@icmda2014.org A web page can be more dynamic and flexible than written published books or leaflets and crosses borders more easily. A web page linked with the celebration@icmda2014.org email address can be an effective means in this internet age of collecting peoples reflections and input from around the world. In sharing these the aim will be to inspire, to give examples of what has/can be done and to honour and glorify Jesus. An editorial team rooted in the history of ICMDA can make chapters of the Past, the Present and look to the Future.

19 – 26 July 2014: XVth World Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Theme: SERVE SHARE SHINE Professional identity and vision.
Time to celebrate 50 years ICMDA.
19 – 22 July 2014: Students and Junior doctors conference and Streams.
22 – 26 July 2014: Main Congress
Congress website: www.icmda2014.org

“AMAZING!” and “Even more Amazing”
The Past in collected data of 50 year ICMDA.
The Present with link to the ICMDA site www.work-files.com/icmda/wp
The Future in our expectations according to the ideas and possibilities we have.

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