STOPAIDS – Lancet doing an article on faith-based approaches to HIV

The UK Consortium Faith Working Group is being mobilised to get case studies and research papers of faith and HIV responses submitted to the Lancet for the special edition, as you will read below. We would like to encourage our overseas members working in any field to consider submitting papers to the Lancet on faith and health, especially any original research, to get into the special edition.

1)     To send short very brief case studies– or links to longer reports/websites which can be used to illustrate or  referenced in a paper on controversies between faith and health care. These would be to illustrate FBO responses to issues such as: HIV, VAW, Female cutting, Family Planning, Child marriage, Stigma, needle exchange… Etc. areas where commonly faith and health are seen to be in conflict

2)      The special edition will contain some specially prepared pieces on faith and health. It may also contain some original peer reviewed research articles. We have been asked to encourage FBO colleagues who are working on original research that would make a peer reviewed article to prepare these and submit through the usual channels to the Lancet. The Lancet staff will be on the lookout for research papers that fit the theme of the special edition over the next couple of months.

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