International Board

The ICMDA Board is composed of 13 members from around the world. Nominations for board members will be called for from the membership six months before the General Assembly. Prior to the General Assembly, the Board will select a slate of candidates to recommend to the Assembly.

The Board is responsible for managing the CEO, approving the annual budget, developing the strategic plan and policy making. The CEO serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

Alan Gijsbers

Oceania Board Member

Bimal Charles

South Asia board member

Dana Groza

Europe board member

Elmer Thiessen

North America board member (chair)

Hannes Steinberg

Southern Africa board member (vice-chair)

Herng-Der Chern

East Asia board member

Howard Lyons

Europe board member

Jan Grzeszkowiak

Europe board member

Mike Chupp

North America board member

Mulinda Nyirenda

Southern Africa board member

Osemwen Asemota

West Africa board member

Soraya Dias

South America board member

Vijay Aruldas

South Asia board member (treasurer)

Chief Executive

The ICMDA CEO is appointed by the Board to fulfill the vision and mission of the association. The appointment covers a four-year renewable term. He is supported by the board of trustees, three Associate Executive Officers and twelve Regional Secretaries.

Peter Saunders

Peter Saunders

CEO & Acting Regional Secretary of Europe


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the final governing authority for the association. It meets every four years in conjunction with the World Congress.

The aim of the assembly is to maintain the overall vision and mission of the association. They appoint board members, ratify new members into fellowship and promote other initiatives within the family of ICMDA.

Each member organisation of ICMDA may select representatives to the general assembly according to the number of national members the organisation has.

  • 1-100 national members = one representative
  • 101-400 national members = two representatives
  • 401-1000 national members = three representatives
  • 1001+ national members = four representatives