COVID preparedness course for church and mission hospitals


ICMDA is providing a Training of Trainers (ToT) course on COVID preparedness for hospitals in partnership with CMC Vellore, India. We are looking to equip Master Trainers in church and mission hospitals throughout Africa & Asia as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


What we provide:

We will train a Master Trainer from your hospital who would then be equipped to train other staff using the same material.

ToT courses are hosted by CMC Vellore's distance education unit which uses a blended learning platform comprised mainly of self-learning modules and two Zoom meetings with CMC faculty. All course content is written in English.

What's required of you:

Your Master Trainer attends a preliminary three and half-hour Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on a Thursday from 2pm to 5.30pm IST (India Standard Time) and then has two weeks to complete the COVID-19 Preparedness - Critical Care Course, which should take 20-25 hours in total.

The course has nine modules which can be completed using CMC's online learning platform.

After each module an assignment quiz needs to be completed before progressing to the next module.

After all nine modules are complete the Master Trainer sits a one-hour final exam (on a Friday at any time between 1pm and 6pm IST) and then has a final two-hour Skills Training Session (on the following Monday from 3pm to 5pm IST) with CMC faculty to equip them to begin training others in their network using the same material.

A shorter course of six modules (excluding those on intensive care) is available for those who do not wish to become trainers or who are working in a hospital without intensive care facilities. To do this short course please email us at [email protected] with ‘COVID Course’ in the subject line.

Please check that you can manage these times in your own time zone. IST is here.  You will also need a good internet connection and proficiency in the English language.

To nominate a Master Trainer from your hospital, please fill in this survey and if appropriate we will be in touch with details of the next available ToT course.

COVID-19 Preparedness - Critical Care Course Content

For more information please visit the CMC Vellore Distant Education site.