ICMDA's Eurasia region is a diverse area stretching from Eastern Europe across to central Asia. There are 15 countries here which have been arranged into a further three sub-regions based on language and cultural similarities.

There are three groups affiliated with ICMDA and a fourth union consisting of the five Stans of Central Asia (CMUCA).

There are over 300 medical schools here serving its 490 million people - of whom nearly a third live in Russia. There are vast differences in availability of resources and political stability in the region, and conflicts continue between neighbouring people groups.

There are many opportunities for gospel work, particularly among those with a growing disillusionment for the religious or political status quo.

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Nurgul Mamyrova

AEO for Eurasia, Pakistan & South Korea

Ramil Almammadov

Ramil Almammadov

Regional Representative for Caucasus, Eurasia

Dima Lichich

Regional Representative for Eastern Europe, Eurasia

Nurbek Orunkulov

Regional Representative for Central Asia, Eurasia

Kristina Alikhanyan

Regional Representative for Caucasus, Eurasia

Noel Aruparayil

Eurasia Regional Secretary


ICMDA members:

Armenia (ACMA), Central Asia (CMUCA), Russia (MCAR)Ukraine (CMA)

We have contact groups in:

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia (CMAG) & Moldova.

We are in contact with individuals in:

Afghanistan, Iran & Turkey.