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ICMDA's East Asia region covers just 5 countries, but represents 1.7 billion people, the majority of which live in China.

We have several strong movements here, including CMA in Japan and KCMA in South Korea who have been members since ICMDA's inaugural World Congress in Oxford, 1966.

Christians continue to be in the minority in most countries, with vast numbers of people claiming no personal religion. Government hostility towards religious expression means exact statistics for religions do not exist.

There are good numbers of skilled health professionals in each nation with 60 (for every 10,000 people) in China, to 136 (for every 10,000 people) in Japan. The average figure being 87 for the region.
The number of hospital beds in East Asia is well above average compared to the rest of the world with an average of 9 beds for every 1,000 people. There are 40,000 hospitals in the region, with over 30,000 in China alone.

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