South America


ICMDA's South America region covers the mainland area from Colombia down to Chile. It represents 13 countries, seven of which have fellowships that are affiliated with ICMDA, the oldest being ACAPS in Argentina, and our newest member ACSAIP in Peru.

There are over 500 medical schools here, serving 430 million people. Brazil is by far the biggest nation with a population of 212 million - nearly half of all the people in the region. The major languages are Spanish and Portuguese.

There is a large Christian presence here and the evangelical Christian community is growing - currently representing about 12% of the population. However, a folk Catholicism is the dominant spirituality of many South Americans.

There are good numbers of skilled health professionals in Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay, but far fewer in the other nations. There are on average 2.1 hospital beds in the region (per 1,000 people).

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Jorge Patpatian

South America Regional Secretary

Haniel Eller

AEO for Central & South America

Talitha Formagio Telles

Area Representative for Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador in South America

Santiago Fontes

Area Representative for Chile, Uruguay and Argentina in South America

Mireille Gomes

South America board member


ICMDA members:

Argentina (ACAPS), Bolivia (ACBAS), Brazil (AMC), Ecuador (AMC), Peru (ACSAIP), Uruguay (ACUPS), Venezuela (SMOCEV)

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We are in contact with individuals in:

Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay

We do not currently have contact with:

French Guiana, Suriname