South Asia


ICMDA's South Asia region consists of seven countries, five of which have groups affiliated with ICMDA. India have two fellowships, the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI), and the Evangelical Medical Fellowship of India (EMFI) - there are good relationships between the two with CMAI having a wider membership than just doctors and dentists.

The population of the region is approaching 2 billion people (three of the world's ten largest countries are here.) India is the most ethnically diverse nation on earth and the region has political, economic and social challenges.

There is a large and thriving church in many areas, but as a percentage of the whole population Christians are still in the minority, with most countries having only 1-2% evangelicals.

88 of the 100 largest unreached people groups are in South Asia - this is an area with many gospel needs, but there are growing and strong medical fellowships here.

India with 460, has more medical schools than any other country in the world - there are 680 total in the region. The Maldives National University had it's first intake of medical students in 2018.


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Regional Workers

Santhosh Mathew

Santhosh Mathew

Training Coordinator & South Asia Regional Secretary

Samundra Rana

Regional Representative for South Asia

Vijay Aruldas

South Asia board member (treasurer)

Anitha Grace

Area Representative for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan

Tul Pun

Area Representative for Nepal, Pakistan and Maldives

Zeerak Samuel

South Asia board member


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