The Doctor's Life of Faith Study Guide

by Dr Janet Goodall

The Doctor's Life of Faith is a resource designed for medics and provides a clearer picture of the purpose of the Christian faith and what it offers to the searcher for truth.

Group Study

It outlines the Bible’s wonderful story of God’s plan for his world and the people in it, and how the Christian faith should work out in practice.

God has a master plan. It is the same for all who believe and trust in him. Even so, not everyone understands that there is such a plan, or how it may apply to them.

As you study the word of God further, his astonishing plan becomes clearer. God the Father wants each of his children to become more like his Son Jesus, through the transforming work of his indwelling Spirit.

Originally published as a book, this resource has now been made available as a small group or personal study course. We suggest you start a study group that meets regularly with each participant reading a chapter before coming together to discuss the questions listed at the end of each session.

Click the links below to download individual session pdfs, or for the full guide, click here.

For a French version of this course, click here. Pour une version française de ce cours, cliquez ici.

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