Health, Healing & Missions

Health Healing and Missions

Participants will
• Learn and explore together, concept of Mission and Health care missions
• Reflect on various models, responses and from life stories
• Consider a personal response based on the understanding of their nation and from life stories


1. Pre-session - Listen to videos and respond to reflective questions on slack
2. Session
a. Reflect on shared learnings from the slack
b. Listen to mission leaders who share from his or her life
c. Reflect together and learn in the session


• Biblical Basis of Missions
• Health healing and Missions
• Perspective of Medical Missions
• Health and development of our nations
• Vocation and calling
• Mission a personal response

Current training opportunities

Global cohort

Saturdays starting Mar 4, 2023

at 15:00 UTC
9am Guatemala & Mexico,
10am New York,12pm Brazil,
4pm Nigeria, 6pm Kenya
8.30pm India

Open for applications