ICMDA's Europe region is divided into three sub-regions, covering over 40 countries and territories:

  • Nordic/Baltics
  • Western Europe
  • Central Europe

There are 24 groups that have affiliated with ICMDA with the newest being France (UEMP) and there are a further two countries that we are supporting to join us at the next World Congress.

Europe has had a Christian presence since the first century, however today in the 21st century it is one of the most secular place on earth. It was once the central missionary sending force in the world, it is now in need of missionaries as much as anywhere. Grand cathedrals were once towering tributes to a sovereign Creator and the priorities of a continent, however, many of it's church buildings now sit empty.

There are nearly 400 medical schools here, serving 550 million people. It is a region rich in resources, infrastructure and personnel, however many of the medical movements here are small and in need of revitalisation.

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Peter Saunders

Peter Saunders

CEO & Acting Regional Secretary of Europe

Nurgul Mamyrova

AEO for Eurasia & Europe

Esther Frei

Regional Representative for Western Europe

Geir-Anders Kaldal

Regional Representative for the Nordic & Baltics

Alexander Kreschenko

Regional Representative for Central Europe

Paul Năndrean

Regional Representative for the Balkans

Jovita Anikinaite

Area Representative for the Baltics

Marina Rastovic

Area Representative for the Balkans

Alla Shelestovska

Area Representative for Central Europe

Jan Grzeszkowiak

Europe board member

Dana Groza

Europe board member

Howard Lyons

Europe board member


ICMDA members:

Albania (CMA), Austria (ARCHAE), Belgium (PMF), Bulgaria (CMF), Denmark (KLF), Estonia (ECMA), Finland (FCDA), Finland (FCMS), France (UEMP), Germany (ACM), Greece (CMDA), Ireland (CMF), Hungary (CMF), Lithuania (CMF), Netherlands (CMF), Norway (NKLF), Poland (CMF), Portugal (ACEPS), Romania (CMA), Serbia (CMF), Spain (CMU), Switzerland (AGEAS), Sweden (KLM), United Kingdom (CMF), United Kingdom (CDF)

We have contact groups in:

Czechia (SKZCR), Italy (AMICO).

We are in contact with individuals in:

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia.

We do not currently have contact with:

Andorra, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino.