ICMDA doctors and experts run webinars on issues relating to healthcare practise, leadership and the current coronavirus pandemic. They are free to join, you just need to register in advance.

Maxillofacial Surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 21 JANUARY 2021

Free webinar with Dr Tony Giles

Deploying COVID vaccines equitably

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 28 JANUARY 2021

Free webinar with Prof Annelies Wilder-Smith

Sacred/secular dichotomies and healthcare mission

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 4 FEBRUARY 2021

Free webinar with Dr Vinod Shah

When the doctor becomes the patient

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2021

Free webinar with Dr Adrian Warnock

Artificial intelligence and the future of humanity

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2021

Free webinar with Prof John Lennox

Sharing Jesus in Person

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2021

Free webinar with Rev Dr Paul Adams

Why care for bodies? A heavenly perspective on the calling to practise medicine

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 4 MARCH 2021

Free webinar with Dr James Paul

Family Medicine training in resource poor settings

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 11 MARCH 2021

Free webinar with Dr Rebekah Zechariah

Does faith cause more psychological harm than good?

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 18 MARCH 2021

Free webinar with Prof Glynn Harrison

How Christianity transformed healthcare

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 25 MARCH 2021

Free webinar with Sharon James

Spiritual friendship

14:00-15:00 UTC+0, THURSDAY 15 APRIL 2021

Free webinar with Soo-Inn Tan

Mentoring Christ followers in healthcare

14:00-15:00 UTC+1, THURSDAY 20 MAY 2021
(Please note this date has changed from an earlier advertised time.)

Free webinar with Dr Mike Chupp

Resources for disability in healthcare mission

Karen Rispin

14 JANUARY 2021 

Organ trafficking, tourism and trading

Dr Trevor Stammers

7 JANUARY 2021


Dr Gene Rudd

17 DECEMBER 2020

COVID vaccines - effectiveness, & ethics

Profs Kang & Wilder-Smith

14 DECEMBER 2020

Coping with anxiety in a dangerous world

Dr Richard Winter
10 DECEMBER 2020

Strengthening your
mission hospital

Dr Dave Stevens

COVID dentistry in remote settings

Dr Roshan Kharel
BER 2020

Medical education

Dr Anna Pulimood
19 NOVEMBER 2020

Is reality socially constructed?

Dr James Paul
BER 2020

Training Christian
surgeons in Africa

Dr Keir Thelander

Telemedicine – its role beyond COVID

Dr Vineeth Jaison
29 OCTOBER 2020

Health professionals & human trafficking

Dr Katherine Welch
22 OCTOBER 2020

Corruption in

Prof Andrew Tomkins
15 OCTOBER 2020

Managing gender dysphoria in childhood

Prof John Whitehall
8 OCTOBER 2020

The ethics of
genomic editing

Dr Trevor Stammers
1 OCTOBER 2020

Artificial intelligence & the future of healthcare

Prof John Wyatt

in medicine

Dr Rob Waller

Growing your
prayer life

Dr Chris Steyn

Facing COVID in a remote and resource-poor location

Dr George Mathew

COVID: leadership lessons from the frontline

Drs Santhosh Mathew & Priya John
20 AUGUST 2020

COVID-19: a dental perspective

Prof Raman Bedi
13 AUGUST 2020

COVID-19: longer term impacts on global health

Dr Ted Lankester
6 AUGUST 2020

Re-opening church safely, effectively, biblically

Rev Dr Stephen Ko
 JULY 2020

Compassion without burnout

Drs Richard Vincent & Andy Mott
23 JULY 2020

COVID: an Occupational Physician's perspective

Dr Simon Clift
9 JULY 2020

COVID antivirals and vaccines – what prospects?

Dr Andy Riordan
25 JUNE 2020

Faith organisations, COVID prevention & care

Prof Andrew Tomkins
18 JUNE 2020

COVID and its likely impact on the future of health care

Dr Vinod Shah & Arun Zechariah
11 JUNE 2020

Spiritual resilience with COVID in New York

Drs David & Janet Kim
8 JUNE 2020

COVID in community health and development

Dr Kaaren Mathias & Dr Nathan Grills
4 JUNE 2020

Where is God in a coronavirus world?

Prof John Lennox
1 JUNE 2020

Hope and patience embrace each other

Dr Pablo Martínez
21 MAY 2020

Flattening the curve in low resource settings

Dr Bobby John
18 MAY 2020

Life beyond

Dr Patrick Dixon
14 MAY 2020

Mental health & COVID-19 in low resource settings

Dr Julian Eaton
11 MAY 2020

Critical care for COVID-19 patients

Dr James Haslam
7 MAY 2020

Christianity and plagues: lessons from history

Professor John Wyatt
4 MAY 2020

COVID palliative care in low resource settings

Dr Mhoira Leng
30 April 2020

Christian ethics, compassion & COVID-19

Professor John Wyatt
27 April 2020

COVID: reflections from a limited resource setting

Dr Santhosh Mathew
21 April 2020