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The Human Journey Study Guide

by Dr Peter Saunders

The Human Journey has two main aims:

  1. To establish a biblical framework that will help Christians and churches engage wisely and sensitively with current issues relating to health.
  2. To encourage more effective incorporation of healthcare expertise into pastoral life and ministry

The Human Journey aims to equip Christians to think biblically about health. But the issues covered need to be seen in the greater context of God’s design for man, the universe and everything – his great plan of redemption to unite everything under Jesus Christ. We will begin by sketching out the grand ‘metanarrative’ – the overarching storyline of the Bible in which all our individual stories make sense. Don’t be tempted to skip this. It makes sense of all that follows. Having laid this foundation we will then focus in on issues at the interface of Christianity and health under eight big themes – each accompanied by a key question.

Originally published as a book, this resource has now been made available as a small group or personal study course. We suggest you start a study group that meets regularly with each participant reading the material before coming together to discuss the questions listed at the end of each session.

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