South East Asia


ICMDA's South East Asia region covers eleven countries with a combined population of over 660 million people. This is an exciting area, as though there are only two affiliated groups we have excellent relationships with many other groups in the region. Several are looking to become members at the next World Congress.

There is a strong Christian presence in many countries in the region. There are 200 medical schools and an above average number of healthcare professionals per person.


South East Asia 4colours

Field Workers

Hedwin Kadrianto

AEO for South East Asia & Oceania

Wei-Leong Goh

South East Asia Regional Secretary

Linus Chua

Regional Representative for South East Asia

Yasuko Arakawa

Area Representative for the Indo-China region in South East Asia

Claudia Anastasia

Area Representative for Eastern Maritime, South East Asia

Marissa Resulta

Area Representative for Eastern Maritime, South East Asia

Chin Leong Sia

Area Representative for Western Maritime, South East Asia


ICMDA members:

We have contact groups in:

Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam.