North America


ICMDA's North America region covers just Canada and the United States, but these are two of our oldest and biggest members. The CMDA of USA were one of seven founding ICMDA members in 1963, with CMDS of Canada joining shortly after in 1966.

There is a rich Christian heritage in the region, with 29% of Americans identifying as evangelical and 7.7% of Canadians. There are nearly 100,000 people serving in long-term Christian mission from the region.

There are over 170 medical schools in the US and 17 in Canada, serving a combined population of 366 million people.

There are challenges with an increased pluralisation and secularisation of the social landscape. This affects those in healthcare, particularly when it comes to various ethical issues such as the sanctity of life, attitudes in a sexually confused and permissive society and the rights of conscience for medics.


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North America


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