ICMDA seeks to start and strengthen national movements of Christian doctors and dentists. We believe the best way to do that is to train godly and gifted individuals for leadership who will then go on to equip others.

These training tracks are a key priority. With the widespread availability of technology we are able to bring together small groups of trainees from all over the world for mentoring and personalised training.

We require those wishing to join a training track to meet the following criteria and fill in the appropriate application form. If successful, you will be invited to join the training track and be given the links to attend sessions.


Candidates must be:

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Current Training Opportunities

Training TrackCohortFacilitatorsStart DateDayApplications closeLengthlength2
SydenhamEnglish 1Augustin Lutakwa, James Kumwenda, Linda Mlay, Sodumisa Ngwenya01/09/2021WednesdaysClosed11 weeks11
SydenhamEnglish 2Bill-Erich Mbianyor, Nigussu Dawit, Sampa Chifuntu01/09/2021WednesdaysClosed11 weeks11
SydenhamArabicElla Metry, John Ehab Eliah, Mary Samaan11/11/2021ThursdaysClosed11 weeks11
SydenhamFrench 1Orielle Goudayi, Hamado Sawadogo, Luc Lweya, Odélia Houehoume Ganse, Vanessa Irakoze
21/09/2021TuesdaysClosed11 weeks11
SydenhamFrench 2Dan Kientega, Koffi Bada, Aronette Ngwanou, Nathalie Zongo, Osée Nkengurutse22/09/2021WednesdaysClosed11 weeks11
SydenhamSpanishMario Euceda, Heber Rodríguez24/09/2021FridaysClosed11 weeks11
SydenhamPortugueseJenny Kim, Suany Serudo, Mário Ntick, Flavia Figueiro, Thalita Botelho25/09/2021SaturdaysClosed11 weeks11
Servant LeadershipGlobalHedwin Kadrianto, Anitha David, Mathew Santhosh14/09/2021TuesdaysClosed13 weeks13
Saline ProcessGlobalLatha Mathew, Mfanelo Sobekwa, Mesfin Beyero 23/10/2021SaturdaysClosed5 weeks5
Global HealthGlobalNeil Thompson, Mike Soderling, Paul Hudson08/09/2021WednesdaysClosed11 weeks11
Disciple Making MinistryRegionalNurgul Mamyrova01/01/2022FlexibleOpen5 weeks then monthly5
Confident ChristianityRomanian - ClujTimotei Medrea06/10/2021WednesdaysClosed5 weeks5
Confident ChristianityRomanian - ClujTimotei Medrea09/10/2021SaturdaysClosed5 weeks5
Confident ChristianityRomanian - TimisoaraTimotei Medrea16/10/2021SaturdaysClosed5 weeks5
Confident ChristianityPortugueseGabriel Santana Leão dos Anjos, Jarbas José Ávila Junior, Marta Lisiane Pereira Pinto de Carvalho, Ofelio Alberto Manuel18/09/2021SaturdaysClosed11 weeks11
Confident ChristianitySub-Saharan AfricaAlex Bolek, Ataro Papa Stephen Ayella, Yousif Deng19/08/2021ThursdaysClosed11 weeks11
Confident ChristianitySouth AsiaJ. Adalaide Herald, Billy Paul20/09/2021MondaysClosed11 weeks11
Confident ChristianityEast/South-East Asia & Oceania - GraduatesMichael Burke, Nuanphan Srinualnad, Duncan Tung, Marissa Resulta, Han Sanghwan 27/09/2021MondaysClosed11 weeks11
Confident ChristianityEast/South-East Asia & Oceania - StudentsClaudia Anastasia, Celine Yap, Kenneth Tan30/09/2021ThursdaysClosed11 weeks11
BioethicsAsiaLydia Pratanu, Nydia Rena Benita Sihombing, Kancharla Sirisha03/08/2021TuesdaysClosed15 weeks15
BioethicsGlobalHannes Steinberg, Joshua Sule, Jennifer Ferreira, Mario Euceda, Mi Gomes11/09/2021SaturdaysClosed15 weeks15
BioethicsEast AfricaAlex Bolek, Jana Macleod, Kizito Asava Shivatchi Shisanya, Stephen Kitheka, Stephen Muhudhia23/08/2021MondaysClosed15 weeks15
BioethicsWest Africa (English)Zumnan Gimba, Jean Paul Dansou, Joshua Sule29/09/2021WednesdaysClosed9 weeks9