Confident Christianity

The Confident Christianity course was originally designed by the UK Christian Medical Fellowship to help medical students share their faith and refined over 25 years. It aims to help you understand the non-Christian mindset and share your faith confidently and articulately in the way the Apostles did it – in understandable language, in a safe place and with the opportunity for discussion.

It covers such topics as:

  • Making a worldview diagnosis
  • What makes Christianity unique
  • The journey to faith
  • Exposing presuppositions
  • God’s role and ours in evangelism
  • The gospel message
  • Apostolic models of sharing it
  • Dealing with our fears
  • Answering difficult questions
  • The best reasons for belief
  • Starting with the truth they know
  • Avoiding circular arguments
  • Dealing with relativism
  • The elements of successful evangelism
  • The faith decision

It is a programme which once caught can be taught to others.

Content of the course

1. Worldviews and the Christian Mind

What is a worldview? What are the six questions you can ask to diagnose it? How can worldviews be broadly categorised and what is distinctive about a theistic worldview? How does Christian theism differ from the worldviews of other theistic faiths like Judaism and Islam and why does it matter?

2. The faith process and pre-evangelism

What is the cognitive process by which people embrace the Christian worldview and the Christian faith? How can one lead those who are not even thinking about Christianity to doubt their own worldview presuppositions and consider Christianity?

3. The sovereignty of God and the gospel

What is God’s role in evangelism and what is ours? How do we play our part faithfully while recognising his sovereignty? What is the gospel message? What are its important components? How do we remember its component parts in conversation and put it into words people understand?

4. The place and nature of dialogue in evangelism

What three key principles did the apostles embrace in sharing the gospel? What are the fears that we face in sharing the gospel and how can we counter them? What are the common questions that come up when we do share the gospel and how do we answer them?

5. Problems we face in evangelism

What are the three main ways to answer the question of why we believe in God? Which is most effective and why? How do we avoid getting into a circular argument by arguing from the Bible to Christ and back again? How do we spot relativism and how do we counter it?

6. Successful evangelism and final steps                                             

What are the three components of successful evangelism? What questions can we ask to help people recognise the decision they have to make? How do we simply explain to someone on the threshold of faith what they need to do?

Three regional courses are available:
Applications closed on Monday 5 April 2021

Africa/South Asia cohort

Ten Monday sessions
14:00-15:00 UTC+0
12 April - 14 June

East & SE Asia/Oceania cohort

Eleven Tuesday sessions
12:30-13:30 UTC+0
13 April - 22 June

Americas/Europe cohort

Ten Wednesday sessions
16:00-17:00 UTC+0
14 April - 16 June