Central America

ICMDA's Central America region covers the mainland area from Mexico down to Panama and all the Caribbean islands. It represents over 30 sovereign states and dependent territories.

Just seven of these have fellowships that are affiliated with ICMDA, the oldest being SOMEC in Mexico, and our newest member CMNA in Haiti.

There are over 200 medical schools here, serving 225 million people. Mexico is by far the biggest nation with a population of 132 million - over half of all the people in the region. The major languages are Spanish, English & French patois.

There is a large Christian presence here, reflecting its colonial past, but the influence of the church is fluctuating. This century has also seen a massive movement of people, with areas like the Caribbean routinely seeing a loss of its most gifted leaders. This places social and economic pressure on the area.

The number of skilled health professionals in each nation ranges from 15 (for every 10,000 people) in Honduras, to 155 (for every 10,000 people) in Cuba. The median figure being just 27.
Hospital beds in the region (per 1,000 people) range from 0.6 in Guatemala, to 6.3 in Bermuda.

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Khara Collymore

Regional Representative for Anglophone Central America

Mario Ruiz

Central America Regional Secretary

Jairo Anatanaél Díaz Rojas

Regional Representative for Central America

Mario Euceda

Regional Representative for Central America


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Costa Rica (AMC), El Salvador (AMC), Guatemala (AMDC), Haiti (CMNA), Honduras (CMA), Mexico (SOMEC), Panama (ACPSA).

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