East Africa


ICMDA's East Africa region covers the newly formed South Sudan and the horn of Africa down to Tanzania in the South. There are 10 countries or territories here with a combined population of 317 million people, of whom over a third live in Ethiopia.

There are five affiliated groups in the region with the oldest being Uganda's CMF.

There is a strong Christian presence in East Africa, with many of the countries being more than 20% evangelical.

There are 84 medical schools in the region and on average just seven healthcare workers to serve every 10,000 people.

East Africa 4 colours

Field Workers

Augustin Lutakwa

AEO for Sub-Saharan Africa

Papa Ayella Stephen

Regional Representative for East Africa


Lamessa Jalata

Area Representative for the horn of Africa

Alex Bolek

Alex Bolek

Africa Coordinator & East Africa Regional Secretary


ICMDA members:

Ethiopia (CMDF), Kenya (CMDA), South Sudan (CMDA), Tanzania (Image Doctors), Uganda (CMF)

We have contact groups in:


We are in contact with individuals in:


We do not currently have contact with:

Somalia, Somaliland.