West Africa


ICMDA's West Africa region covers the nine countries that do not have French as a major language (see Francophone Africa for other West African countries).

There are three fellowships affiliated with ICMDA, Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia.

250 million people live in the region, with over 200 million of them living in Nigeria alone - the most populous country in all Africa and seventh in the whole world.

There are 52 medical schools in West Africa - 80% of them are in Nigeria. The smaller islands and the oil-rich Equatorial Guinea do not have a national medical school.

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Augustin Lutakwa

AEO for Sub-Saharan Africa

Anthony Enimil

West Africa Regional Secretary

Jacqueline Asibey

Regional Representative for West Africa

Alex Etubi

Area Representative for West Africa

Osemwen Asemota

West Africa board member


ICMDA members:

Gambia (CMDA), Ghana (CMDF), Nigeria (CMDA).

We have contact groups in:


We are in contact with individuals in:

Liberia and Sao Tome & Principe.

We do not currently have contact with:

Cabo Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone.