Listed below are ICMDA webinars broadcast since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Feel free to browse for a session you may have missed.

You may sort columns by date, speaker, title or category by clicking each heading or use the search feature to find a specific title. Video recordings can be accessed by clicking the title, and further material (slides, notes, and other relevant links) by clicking resources.

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#DateSpeakerVideo & TitleResourcesCategory
8225/11/2021Wyatt, JohnEuthanasia and assisted suicide: recent developments ResourcesEthics
8118/11/2021Taylor, PhilippaSurrogacy ResourcesEthics
8011/11/2021Huber, ValeriePromoting women’s health globally ResourcesEthics
794/11/2021Mangalwadi, VishalThe Impact of the Bible on Healthcare ResourcesEducation
7828/10/2021Williams, AndreaDefending Christian Freedoms ResourcesDiscipleship
7714/10/2021Stammers, TrevorLiving organ donation - When is it unethical? ResourcesEthics
767/10/2021Seshadri, MandalamCOVID - Lessons learnt in India ResourcesCovid
7530/09/2021Lee, Dae-YoungMedical Mission in the Islamic Context ResourcesDiscipleship
7423/09/2021Shah, VinodCritical, Creative and Christian Thinking ResourcesEducation
7316/09/2021Wright, JeanInnovation and the future of medicine ResourcesTechnology
7209/09/2021Halverson, GloriaHuman trafficking ResourcesLMICs
7102/09/2021Haynes, Laura'Conversion therapy' - should it be banned? ResourcesMental health
7026/08/2021Stammers, TrevorXenotransplantation: A solution to organ shortages? ResourcesEthics
6919/08/2021Best, MeganEthics of in vitro fertilisation ResourcesEthics
6812/08/2021Tan, Soo-InnVocational Discernment ResourcesDiscipleship
6705/08/2021Wyatt, JohnThe Doctor's Conscience ResourcesEthics
6629/07/2021George, KuruvillaResponding to COVID: Insights from Theology and Psychology ResourcesCovid
6522/07/2021Sivulka, JelenaCaring for our Souls ResourcesDiscipleship
6415/07/2021Ompusunggu, HotlinHealthcare and Deforestation ResourcesLMICs
6308/07/2021Goh, Wei LeongServing Migrant Workers ResourcesLMICs
6201/07/2021Cherian, AnilTraining health workers for South Sudan - A transformational ministry ResourcesEducation
6117/06/2021Wilder-Smith, AnneliesAddressing COVID Vaccine hesitancy ResourcesCovid
6010/06/2021Landrum, DavidGlobal trends in religious freedom ResourcesDiscipleship
5903/06/2021Greene, MarkSharing life under pressure ResourcesMental health
5827/05/2021Patrick, JohnFrom Hippocrates to Evidence-Based Medicine ResourcesEthics
5720/05/2021Chupp, MikeMentoring Christ followers in healthcare ResourcesDiscipleship
5613/05/2021Pearcey, NancyDefending Sexual Truth in a Secular AgeResourcesEthics
5506/05/2021Grills, NathanDoctors and Disability ResourcesLMICs
5429/04/2021Martin, KiranTransforming urban slum communities ResourcesLMICs
5322/04/2021Taylor, PhilippaThe push for abortion in Africa ResourcesEthics
5215/04/2021Tan, Soo-InnSpiritual Friendship --- Following Jesus in the Company of Friends ResourcesDiscipleship
5108/04/2021Falkenheimer, ShariMultiplying your Impact through teaching ResourcesEducation
5025/03/2021James, SharonHow Christianity transformed healthcare ResourcesDiscipleship
4918/03/2021Harrison, GlynnDoes faith cause more psychological harm than good? ResourcesMental health
4811/03/2021Zechariah, RebekahFamily Medicine training in resource poor settings ResourcesEducation
4704/03/2021Paul, JamesWhy care for bodies? A heavenly perspective on the calling to practise medicine ResourcesDiscipleship
4625/02/2021Adams, PaulSharing Jesus in Person ResourcesDiscipleship
4518/02/2021Lennox, JohnArtificial Intelligence and the Future of humanity ResourcesTechnology
4411/02/2021Warnock, AdrianWhen the doctor becomes the patient ResourcesMental health
4304/02/2021Shah, VinodSacred Secular dichotomies and healthcare mission ResourcesDiscipleship
4228/01/2021Wilder-Smith, AnneliesDeploying covid vaccines equitably ResourcesCovid
4121/01/2021Giles, TonyMaxillofacial Surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa ResourcesDentistry
4014/01/2021Rispin, KarenResources for disability in healthcare mission ResourcesLMICs
3907/01/2021Stammers, TrevorOrgan trafficking, tourism and trading ResourcesEthics
3817/12/2020Rudd, GeneRestoring Joy ResourcesMental health
3714/12/2020Kang, Gangandeep & Wilder-Smith, AnneliesCOVID vaccines - effectiveness, safety, ethics and deployment ResourcesCovid
3610/12/2020Winter, RichardCoping with anxiety in a dangerous world ResourcesMental health
3503/12/2020Stevens, DaveStrengthening Mission Hospitals ResourcesEducation
3426/11/2020Kharel, RoshanDentistry in remote settings during covid ResourcesCovid
3319/11/2020Pulimood, AnnaMedical Education post COVID ResourcesCovid
3212/11/2020Paul, JamesIs reality socially constructed? ResourcesEthics
3105/11/2020Thelander, KeirTraining Christian Surgeons in Africa ResourcesEducation
3029/10/2020Jaison, VineethTelemedicine - its role beyond COVID ResourcesCovid
2922/10/2020Welch, KatherineThe Role of Health Professionals on addressing Human Trafficking ResourcesLMICs
2815/10/2020Tomkins, AndrewCorruption in Healthcare ResourcesLMICs
2708/10/2020Whitehall, JohnManaging Gender Dysphoria in Children ResourcesMental health
2601/10/2020Stammers, TrevorThe Ethics of Genomic Editing ResourcesEthics
2524/09/2020Wyatt, JohnArtificial intelligence and the future of healthcare ResourcesTechnology
2417/09/2020Waller, RobPerfectionism in Medicine ResourcesMental health
2310/09/2020Steyn, ChrisGrowing your Prayer Life ResourcesDiscipleship
2203/09/2020Mathew, GeorgeFacing COVID in a remote and resource poor location ResourcesCovid
2120/08/2020Mathew, Santhosh & John, PriyaCOVID: Leadership Lessons from the Frontline ResourcesCovid
2013/08/2020Bedi, RamanCOVID-19 – A dental perspective ResourcesCovid
1906/08/2020Lankester, TedCovid 19: longer term impacts on global health ResourcesCovid
1830/07/2020Ko, StephenRe-Opening Church Safely, Effectively, and Biblically ResourcesCovid
1723/07/2020Vincent, Richard & Mott, AndyCompassion without Burnout ResourcesMental health
1609/07/2020Clift, SimonAn Occupational Physician's perspective on COVID-19 ResourcesCovid
1525/06/2020Riordan, AndyCOVID-19 antivirals and vaccines – what prospects? ResourcesCovid
1418/06/2020Tomkins, AndrewThe role of faith organisations in the prevention and care of Covid-19 ResourcesCovid
1311/06/2020Shah, Vinod & Zechariah, ArunCOVID and its likely impact on the future of health care ResourcesCovid
1208/06/2020Kim, David & JanetBuilding Spiritual Resilience with COVID-19: Lessons from New York ResourcesCovid
1104/06/2020Grills, Nathan & Mathias, KaarenThe Community health and development sector: What can COVID-19 teach us? ResourcesCovid
1001/06/2020Lennox, JohnWhere is God in a coronavirus world? ResourcesCovid
921/05/2020Martinez, PabloHope and patience embrace each other ResourcesMental health
818/05/2020John, BobbyFlattening the curve and prevention in low resource settings ResourcesCovid
714/05/2020Dixon, PatrickLife beyond COVID-19 ResourcesCovid
611/05/2020Eaton, JulianMental health and COVID-19 in low resource settings ResourcesCovid
507/05/2020Haslam, JamesCritical Care for COVID-19 Patients ResourcesCovid
404/05/2020Wyatt, JohnChristianity and Plagues – Lessons from history ResourcesCovid
330/04/2020Leng, MhoiraPalliative care of COVID-19 patients in low resource settings ResourcesCovid
227/04/2020Wyatt, JohnChristian Ethics, Compassion and Covid-19 ResourcesCovid
121/04/2020Mathew, SanthoshThe COVID-19 Pandemic: Reflections from a limited resource setting ResourcesCovid