ICMDA doctors and experts run webinars on issues relating to healthcare practise, leadership and the current coronavirus pandemic. They are free to join, you just need to register in advance.

Where is God in a coronavirus world?

2:00-3:00pm BST, MONDAY 1 JUNE 2020

Free webinar with Prof John Lennox


The community health and development sector: What can COVID-19 teach us?

9:00-10:00am BST, THURSDAY 4 JUNE 2020

Free webinar with Drs Kaaren Mathias & Nathan Grills

Building Spiritual resilience with COVID-19: Lessons from New York City

2:00-3:00pm BST, MONDAY 8 JUNE 2020

Free webinar with Drs David & Janet Kim


COVID and its likely impact on the future of health care

2:00-3:00pm BST, THURSDAY 11 JUNE 2020

Free webinar with Dr Vinod Shah & Arun Zechariah


The COVID-19 Pandemic: Reflections from a Limited Resource Setting

With Dr Santhosh Mathew, 21 April 2020

The webinar will focus on key questions and challenges emerging from resource-poor settings in relation to the ongoing pandemic. The session will consider issues related to prevention, mitigation, clinical care and health systems.

Christian Ethics, Compassion & COVID-19

With Professor John Wyatt, 27 April 2020


Palliative care of COVID-19 patients in low resource settings

With Dr Mhoira Leng, 30 April 2020


Christianity and Plagues: Lessons from History

With Professor John Wyatt, 4 MAY 2020


Critical Care for COVID-19 Patients

With Dr James Haslam, 7 MAY 2020


Mental health & COVID-19 in low resource settings

with Dr Julian Eaton, 11 MAY 2020 


Life beyond COVID-19

with Dr Patrick Dixon, 14 MAY 2020


Flattening the curve in low resource settings

with Dr Bobby John, 18 MAY 2020


Hope and patience embrace each other

with Dr Pablo Martínez, 21 MAY 2020